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Kings Arms Cocktail menu


Raspberry Russian £8.95
Russian standard vodka, raspberry Chambord liquor
mixed with vanilla syrup topped with Champagne.

French 75 £8.50
Greenall’s gin, triple sec, mixed with fresh homemade
citrus sour, topped with Champagne.
Fresh, clean, sophisticated – very French!

Bellini £7.50
Créme de peche with peche puree, Prosecco.
Bubbly and delicious.

straight up

Manhattan £8.00
Bourbon whiskey chilled and flavored with hints of
vermouths and bitters.
Perfect cocktail for whiskey drinkers.

Cosmopolitan £6.95
Absolut citron, triple sec, fresh homemade citrus
sour mixed with cranberry juice.
Classic sex in the city!

Sloe Pear Martini £7.50
Sloe gin, Greenall’s gin fresh pear mixed with apple juice.
A wonderful blend of aromatic ingredients.


Mojito £6.50
Muddled mint, lime and sugar with rum and a
splash of soda.

Caipirinha £6.50 / Caipirovska £6.50
Caipirinha is a cachaca and fresh lime based cocktail. It
can be served classic or with a fruit variation. The vodka
variation of the Caipirinha is known as a ‘Caipirovska’.
A lively and refreshing drink.

Amaretto Sour £6.95
Disaronno, sugar mixed with fresh homemade citrus sour.
Sweet ‘n’ sour with an almond buzz.


Kings Arms Storm £7.50
Rum, fresh raspberries and lime mixed with raspberry
liqueur, topped with ginger beer.
Long fruity punch like cocktail.

Long Island Iced Tea £7.50
Vodka, gin, rum, tequila mixed with triple sec and coke.
Cooling combination of five different spirits.

Kings Arms Bloody Mary £7.50
House infused garlic and basil vodka, tomato juice,
tabasco, homemade citrus sour and Worcestershire Sauce.
Spice as you like it!


Kings Berry Punch £4.25
Fresh berries, sugar mixed with cranberry juice,
topped with lemonade.
Light and uplifting.

Elderflower Mojito £4.25
Muddled lime and mint mixed with elderflower cordial,
topped with soda.

Perfect for the designated driver!