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Our guest blogger, London foodie taste tests our Josper Grill

Juicy Josper steaks at Kings

Feeling hungry for a juicy steak and some country air, I decided to venture out of London to get a taste of Dorset and experience the Kings Josper Grill! Being a dedicated foodie I did my research and discovered that the Josper is a grill and an oven in one and it works 100% with charcoal. What’s unusual about it is that when you close the front door of the grill this ensures none of the moisture or flavour escapes - it seals, smokes and grills at the same time producing a unique flavour and texture. This all sounded very appealing to me so I couldn’t wait to try it!

Once at the Kings Arms restaurant, I sneaked in a chat with Head Chef, Ian Gibbs who spoke passionately and animatedly about the power of the Josper. “It’s an aggressive heat and you have to be careful or you might end up cremating your meat. It’s all about the airflow.”  Chef Gibbs says that it gives food a distinct charcoal and smoky flavour. 

So imagine a steak sealed with caramelised perfection,  the juices locked inside, delivered to you straight on a rustic wooden board with plump hand cut chips, grilled veg and a sauce of your choice...that’s exactly what I got! At Kings they have Josper Grill night every Wednesday – it’s the theme for the night.  It’s also comforting to know that their meat has been sourced locally from renowned local chef Alex Aitken’s very own Meadowbrook farm. If you’re not big on meat you can have fish too...Chef Gibbs cooks a whole steaming sea bream or a delicate lemon sole on the grill.

The atmosphere is relaxed with candlelit tables and decor to keep the eyes busy - jars filled with all sorts of interesting goodies from pickled veg to almond oil, candles melting from glass boxes hanging from the ceiling and photographs of historic Christchurch. It’s sophisticated, but at the same time down to earth and warming.

There’s plenty to eat at Kings that’s for sure! If you’re feeling greedy, which I always am, then try out their four course tasting menu where you can have the Kings “Josper” mixed grill to taste a bit of everything. You won’t be disappointed as they’re not shy with their portions! The wines that the sommelier paired with each dish were also well suited and captured the flavour of the dishes.

You start with the Mediterranean platter, covered in silky smoked salmon, cold meats, luscious grilled peppers, olives and more – utterly delectable! Then you indulge in the ultimate bubbling twice baked cheese soufflé with a smoked haddock twist - it’s crispy on the outside and filled with a light, creamy, cheesy and fluffy inside. The haddock is an interesting addition that all should try! You end the night with a selection of heavenly desserts... All this for a very reasonable £25 per person – a deal you would be hard pushed to get in London! If you fancy only the steak, prices start from £19.50 including chips and veg.

Foodies, steak lovers and anyone looking for the taste of something different should give the Kings Josper Grill night a go!

That’s all from me for now.

The London foodie. 

Written by The London Foodie

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